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Have you ever thought about what goes on at home while you are not there?

Do you have business assets to protect from praying eyes

Maybe you have already found yourself in a situation when you wish you were more prepared...

Stop waiting around and call us today for a FREE consultation.

Understanding you own needs
Well, if you thought about setting up any kind of surveillance then there already is a need to have one. Regardless of what your concerns are - you don't feel comfortable to leave it unattended and deserve peace of mind. Therefore, some of the things holding you back may be: cost, quality, reliability. Let's go into more detail with each...

Home surveillance
Residential surveillance usually consist of 2 to 4 IP cameras and a "blackbox" network video recorder hidden in the house. We utilize stand-alone recorders from leaders in IP video surveillance such as Qsee, Ubiquity or let you dedicate one of your existing computers on the home network!

Business surveillance
Surveillance in any business enviroment is not an option, but rather a ne·ces·si·ty. Surveillance, such as cameras, alarms, and monitoring systems, provide means for business owners to see what is going on at their businesses without having to maintain a physical presence around the clock. The added sense of security, the ability to monitor employees’ activities and finally sticking it to "the guy who keeps spray painting your garage doors" make your hard earned dollars stretch. Once you invest in surveillance - you end up saving money.


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