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General Policy


In order to better serve you we have designed this document to briefly outline some of our company policies. We have also made available online and print copy of Privacy policy to emphasize our commitment to protecting your sensitive information.



Each and every one of Solutions Simplified LLC associates will approach you in a polite manner. Do not hesitate to talk to them about the issues that you are experiencing with your electronics, surveillance or other computer equipment. Please understand that our associates might only be familiar with their own area of expertise.


Data Collection

During the initial service, installation, presentation, other engagements, our associates might need to collect your personal (non-sensitive) information



Most of our associates will be able to help you with variety of different questions you may have or find someone who can. Most associates will be able to diagnose and repair equipment on-site, however, if it becomes more cost efficient or easier to repair off-site – let us pick up and deliver your equipment after service.



During installation we ask everyone to remain uninvolved from the process while professionals are performing their assigned tasks. Ex. Electrician is installing a power outlet. Surveillance expert is affixing a high range camera on the wall.



As mentioned repairs of most any equipment can be done on-site or off-site. Depending on the type of repair that's being done you may or may not have to be present while the work is complete.  If you feel uncomfortable letting your equipment going off-site, but it is determined that it would be safer and more price efficient, you might be charged extra for that service.


Follow ups

All of our associates are able to discuss any issues) you might have. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Our associates might stop over at your business after the initial service to check on the installed equipment or verify services. If you wish to be excluded out of this practice, even though this is a complimentary service, let us know ahead.



All work carries limited warranty on parts and labor. All parts carry manufacturer’s warranties, unless otherwise stated. Please refer to each Solution Proposal for warranty specifics. Otherwise, ALL SALES ARE FINAL and NO REFUND to be considered, unless in extreme extenuating situation were to be present.



As an IT company we understand that you might be expected to disclose sensitive information, such as emails and password. Such might be used ONLY with your consent to troubleshoot email and various account login problems. We ask you to replace all sensitive information as we complete our process to solve such issues. It's also part of our processes to advise you to change your passwords after we determine the issue in question and resolve it.


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